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CDL Season 2 Info, Poll, and Returnees


CDL Season 2 Info, Returnees, Poll  

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  1. 1. Static or Warm/Cool (Read Below)

    • Leave it like last season (Static)
    • I like mild bonuses to my player skill attributes

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CDL Season 2

I plan on starting this up as soon as CDL Season 1 finals are over.

Relegation and Promotion

As was discussed at the beginning of Season 1, the bottom 2 teams in A will move down to B, and the B champion and team with the best regular season record during the season will move to A (if it happens that the best team won the championship (like they did in this case, then the second best team in the regular season will move up).


This depends on who is returning, but as of right now:

Moving to B - @kazelegend and @sheehy  (mikegartner22 and dantml were replacement coaches, and since they played with teams they didn't draft, are exempt. Dantml will be in  B anyway.

Moving to A - @sonoffett87 and @Mitch Kramer (Chris O)

Again, this could change, depending on who is returning, signing up, etc. There could be more movement.


Expanding Sign-ups

In the past it always seemed hard to get into a draft league, mostly due to carry over of coaches. While classic is fun in a way, draft leagues are definitely more fun. But, it can be daunting for a new guy, knowing who to draft when, and how to draft a team to your strengths.

A long time ago, when Blitz was running, @smozoma wanted to implement a kind of "farm" league, where instead of going through the draft process, a new coach can choose a pre-drafted team and use them for a season. At the time, I thought this was a great idea, though I think it only went on for a season? 

So, I'd like to add a C league. A and B leagues will be 12 teams each, and will participate in the CDL Draft. C league coaches will have a team selection draft, once the draft is over. This will not hold up the A and B regular season - I'd like to make that clear. I will limit C league teams to 16. Also, there will be promotion and relegation. The lower 2 teams in B will drop to C, and the C league champ and top team in C will move into B and join the draft the following season.

I'd like to see how this rolls out and decide after the season if it should continue or not.


Draft News

Once CDL 1 ends, and signups are all done (1 week for A and B signups, or until we are filled up), I will post the draft order. The draft order will use the previous season's record as a base. The A champ will pick last in the list, the B champ will pick 18th, and the 2nd promoted player from B will pick 15th. The 2 teams from A that were relegated will pick 16th and 17th. The rest of the selections will go by winning pct from CDL 1, regardless of A or B league. Note, there is currently a vacant A league team. The coach taking over that team will pick 19th.


I plan on doing a live draft for the first 5 rounds. The time will be announced at least a week ahead of time. We can do a zoom meeting, or a Discord audio chat or something, I'll figure this out. 2 minute limits on picks during the live stream. If you cant make it or need to step out, leave a pick list or a phone number and I'll text you, if deadline passes, you get best available, depending on position of need. If we get through it quick, we can continue picking. After the live stream, draft will continue on Discord. I don't want the stream to last more than 2 hours though. 


League Info

From feedback, it seems most had fun with the ROM. For the most part, the ROM will not change:

- 5 min periods, 10 min OT, 1 min Penalties

- Quicker control and longer range of Goalie

- Goalie stat boosts (+1 to agl, +1 to each Stk/Glv attribute, excluding Roy and Belfour)

- 0 Team Bonuses and PP/PK bonus


I will add a small Home Team Bonus in the Playoff ROM only, to make home ice a little more meaningful. There will be no negative bonus for the Away Team, though.


Static vs. Hot/Cold:  Answer the poll on this.

- Static ROM (no hot/cold to player attributes) was used in CDL 1. This means there were no changes game to game to player attributes, they were always the same. 

- Hot/Cold - similar to how it is in Classic. Though, I would reduce the effect. A player can be hot or cold on all its skill attributes and this can change from game to game. Classic has 5 different levels of hot/cold, 3 cold (very cold, mild cold, cool), and 2 hot (warm, and mild hot), that the game chooses randomly each game per player. I would reduce this effect to 1 cold and 1 hot (cool and warm). So, there would be a 60% chance there would be no bonus, 20% they would be cool, 20% they would be warm. You will be able to tell this by looking at the Edit Lines screen and checking attributes (hack would be done to make sure they are accurately displayed, unlike classic). This just gives some kind of "real-life" effect to the game.


Let me know if you are returning or not, make a vote, and also include a good time for draft stream (evening, weekend, etc). I'll take this into consideration. Also, next season and every season after that, no more changes to the ROM.











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Count me in. CDL 1 was a blast to be a part of. I would like to ask if I could switch franchises to the Montreal Canadiens. Not really feelin the Hamilton Bulldogs.

After 7pm EST, any day of the week works best for me for draft time preference.


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12 hours ago, kidswasted said:

I’d like to return with Boston. Is it possible to drop to C league? I know you said bottom 2 of B drop but I would be opening up an additional B spot for someone worthy. 

Yeah, once I get an idea on who's playing, you can do that if you like.

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I'm in for the return and would like to remain the Nordiques.

I like the idea of the hot/cold addition to the game.

Live draft I would be free on Wednesday nights and most weekend evenings (probably won't be of sound mind on weekends).


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The Florida Panthers organization - blue road sweaters if possible. And whatever, just tell me when to draft and i will get my picks in fast to keep 'er moving. 

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Final Teams:

Anaheim Ducks --------- kingraph
Brampton Battalion ---- IceStorm
Buffalo Sabres -------- szpakman
Calgary Flames -------- Chaos
California Seals ------ Schmidt
Carolina Hurricanes --- Uncle Seth
Dallas Stars ---------- corbettkb
Detroit Red Wings ----- kazelegend
Edmonton Oilers ------- Scribe
Florida Panthers ------ TecmoJon
Halifax Mooseheads ---- Sheehy
Helsingin Jokerit ----- Tickenest
Los Angeles Kings ----- sonoffett87
Minnesota North Stars - LeifErickson
Montreal Canadiens ---- Sebe
New Jersey Devils ----- MikeGartner22
New York Rangers ------ Lupz27
Pittsburgh Penguins --- Chris O
San Jose Sharks ------- angryjay93
Toronto St. Pat's ----- Thrillhouse
Toronto Maple Leafs --- danTML7
Vancouver Canucks ----- hokkeefan
Vegas Golden Knights -- Mr. T
Wheeling Nailers ------ SOH


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