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EliteSeries95 vs. NHL95 - Breakthrough Season


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Hello All, 

Well after completing a EIHL rom and blacking out more than 60% of the teams and trying to figure out season playthroughs to see how to eliminate non-playing teams. @MonkeyHead @LaTormenta@EagleXIII made a suggestion to use the rom Eliteseries95 since it is setup for 12 teams only (+2 all-stars). 

While finding the schedule from @Asher413 locations from the post of Divisions/Schedules. I started looking for the banners, calendar, logos and center ice. I stumbled across some interesting points. The NHL team center ices are actually in the rom starting at the 15th team...New York Rangers and onto the Winnipeg Jets.



Given that and the massive amount of empty bytes at the end of the rom. There might be keys in this rom to expand and reduce the NHL95 base rom or @kingraph 34 team rom. This might allows to expand the season mode to 32 teams as they don't use standings part. Only the rankings for stats which gives you their points anyways. Since removing that part, expanding the total teams in a season seems very possible. 

There are a few things I believe that needs to be adjusted before that could even begin. 

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3 minutes ago, segathon said:

very cool.

Do you think both games play the exact same?

They very much do. I played a few games and its actually identical. I think they just took NHL95 created the Eliteseries and left some of the reminisces of NHL95 in the code. Even,  the wording in the code has things like "NHL Standings" in it.   

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I noticed that the music in Elitserien 95 is much slower than NHL '95 due to being a PAL/50hz game. Is this slowdown evident in the gameplay also? And if it is, does playing it at NTSC/60hz speed things up to the point it affects the physics like the NHL Hockey/EA Hockey region difference does?

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