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Hey SNES players, I would like to introduce my new SNES NHL 94 Rom “TheReal94Rewind”. This ROM has been updated to match the teams, players and stats of NHL 94 Rewind released for Xbox/PS5. I took this approach to create an updated ROM that has player stats that are known and defined by EA. This helps keep the whole game balanced with strong and weak teams and allows for a lot of the ranking systems put together by community members to be used for matchups. Big thanks to all the people helping out to extract data from NHL94 Rewind (I am not sure who you all are) but I do know Smozoma and Limpan helped summarize all the team stats for me to work off of to create this rom.

Due to limitations in the ROM and my editing skills there are a few minor changes between this ROM and NHL 94 Rewind:

  1. Nashville, Columbus, and Arizona are not in the game due to a max of 28 teams. Nobody likes these teams anyway so no big loss :)
  2. Carolina = Hartford (Carolina Roster) because Hartford is cooler
  3. Colorado = Quebec (Colorado roster) because Quebec is cooler
  4. ASE and ASW teams are Las Vegas Golden Knights and Minnesota North Stars (Wild Roster)
  5. I have updated jersey colours for a lot of teams to match my favourite styles as wells to add a bit of variety from the original game. Check out the attached Jersey image to see all teams.

 Hope Everyone enjoys the ROM!!

TheReal94Rewind_Team Ratings.jpg




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Great job, this looks cool, I'm working on a similar project and using a lot of the same stats from rewind :)

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14 hours ago, dcx said:

Hi, where can i get this file or the latest nhl 94 for snes?

The file is at the bottom of the first post, NHL94REWIND_SNES.smc

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