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Thank you Ultra Magnus


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So let me give you the details on his awesomeness.
I have been trying for years to take the Original Tecmo Bowl and make it into an NCAA rom encompassing you guessed it the 1960's, 70's, and 80's.

The biggest glitch was the end zones and playbooks.

I asked him for help and in minutes he jumped in with both feet.

Additionally he is helping edit the scoreboard and helmets.

I tried for years to get help on this other places to no avail, but this guy did everything and more in a day.

So be on the lookout for some awesome Tecmo Bowl roms in the near future.

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He's a good egg.  Beyond generous!  Named after a transformer although sounding suspiciously close to a type of condom.  LOL  Ahhhh, the mind goes where it goes...

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Agreed.  @UltraMagnus, you are a God amongst (middle aged) men as far as I'm concerned.  And a card carrying sadist given how much time you're willing to spend modding ROMs for strangers on the internet. 

Honestly, I doff my cap to thee.


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