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CDL Season 2 C League Team Draft


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Below is the draft order for C league. You will be choosing from the drafted teams in the CDL S2 ROM. To look at the rosters, you can use the google doc that @kidswasted made:


Become familiar with a few teams, so when it is your turn to draft, you have a list of teams you prefer. I will officially start the draft on Friday, March 19th, but you guys can start drafting before that (deadlines won't take effect until March 19th).


The ROM can be downloaded from the Discord channel in the Pins. I'd link it here, but it might change, and the newest version would be linked in the channel. 

The draft list was randomly generated:

  1. @INDIO
  2. @niuhuskie224
  3. @SlapshotSean
  4. @boehm23
  5. @Joe H
  6. @kidswasted
  7. @Raidercanuck1329
  8. @Heinz57
  9. @dmm1000
  10.  @jay22
  11. @Logans Legends
  12. @jcariello
  13. @Triple A


Post your picks in Discord.


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Just an FYI my sheet is updated as of about 11am ET yesterday(an hour before the trade deadline ended). I will check tonight or tomorrow to update it. You can always just check the CDL pinned draft sheet which contains the updated teams and lines too. 

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