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CDL 02 - Official ROM


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Official Season 02ROM - CDL_season_02.bin

  • 24 Drafted Teams of 12 players!
  • Hot/Cold Reduced to "Warm/Cool".  Boosts are limited to +1, 0, -1 vs original ROM -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2
  • 1 minute penalties
  • Body Checks after whistle don't count
  • +/- stat added
  • Reduced time to switch to Manual Goalie
  • Slightly Increased Goalie Range
  • Boosted Goaltenders - All get +1 to Agility and Stick/Glove Ratings except Roy & Belfour
  • 288 Updated Player Cards!
  • All 12 player cards cycle on start menu!

First 3 ROUNDS were LIVE on Twitch!

Live Draft!.png

The 24 Featured Teams:


Graphic updates:

Season 01 MVP Mark Recchi on the Cover of Season 02:


24 Sexy coaches competing for the cup:


New teams like the Brampton Battalion, Wheeling Nailers, and Helsingin Jokerit added!



Our own @danTML7is back announcing the lineups, this time people are "Warm" or "Cool"


As mentioned, all 288 player cards are updated!

Florida and Anaheim center ice logos copied from NHL'94 Rewind!



Scoreboard logo is back - Coors Light returns as our unofficial sponsor:


CDL Zamboni and our friend in the green shirt returns to his severed leg!

The 3 stars of the game bring back some old friends:



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