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Congrats to 5th seed @Lupz27 on capturing the title with WASHINGTON! All of the final 7 series went to 7 games. BEST SEASON YET! Thank you for your continued participation. We are ALMOST at the finish line! Just 3 chances left. I've bumped out a couple people who lost both series to add in a few others who had messaged to play. We'll keep rotating in the last 2 seasons to try to give everyone who wants a shot, their last kick at the can!

1) @JSchmidt - NEW JERSEY 
2) @Sebe_The_Legend   - NEW YORK ISLANDERS
3) @kazelegend - HARTFORD
4) @chaos - PITTSBURGH
5) @hokkeefan - ST LOUIS
6) @mrt1974 - WASHINGTON
7) @szpakattack - EDMONTON
8) @sheehy - WINNIPEG
9) @niuhuskie224 - LOS ANGELES
10) @aepurniet - BOSTON
12) @Raidercanuck1329 - DETROIT
13) @TecmoJon- BUFFALO
14) @kidswasted - CHICAGO
15) @jessebaran (bombjack) - ALL STARS WEST
16) @jay22 (whalersmightwin)- ALL STARS EAST


@Joe H

Tier 0 - ASW/ASE
Tier 1 - DET, CHI, BUF
Tier 2 - VAN, MTL, BOS 
Tier 3 - WPG, LA,  CGY 
Tier 4 - DAL, TOR, QUE 
Tier 5 - NYR, PHI, EDM 
Tier 6 - PIT, STL, WSH 
Tier 7 - NJD, NYI, HFD
Tier 8 - TB, FLA, SJ, ANA, OTT

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