Tampa Bay is awesome! (Gens)


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Played a few games online today with them and I have to say that... WOW, this team is good as some of the better ones in the game.

Bradley(Big Brad) can do everything, Andersson is the speedster and a monster hitter, Hamrlik(The Hamr) can take out guys for the game and has a great slapper and finally Bob (I like cold) Beers is very reliable on D.

Can anyone else here agree with me on this??

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For a scrub team, I'll have to agree. They're decent. Awesome? I dont know about that. Bradley is definately a solid player. And gotta love Beers! Not only for the sweet last name, but the guy is pretty steady.

They're definately a fun team to play with for exhibitions.

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I enjoy playing with this team.

Lineup would be:

L - Bureau

C - Bradley

R - Andersson, DiMaio or Kasper

D - Hamrlik

D - Beers or Lipuma

G - take you pick

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Tampa is the best team in the league! No doubt. When I play, it's usually Chris Lipuma who makes the headlines. Guy's got the softest hands in the game! Yeah, he makes mistakes sometimes, but he likes to play hard and use the stick on forwards. That gets the crowd going. Another favourite player is Rob Dimaio, who plays on chk-line. Great effort every night, scores big goals, and likes to bodycheck. The third player I'd like to mention is"Micke" Andersson. If you have played with him or against him you know what I'm talkin' about. A pure genius!

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Hello! I have personally played many hard games against tampa bay. If there is one thing that is certainly true, that it is a shitty opponent to play against. Luckily, there are certain things in the rink that almost ewery time put those idiots in control. And they are:

- Skate bone crushing cheks in the very end when guys like lipuma and chambers are on the ice.

- Dump the puck deep in they're zone after the red line.

- Always put pressure in front of wendell young. That way you bropably beat those cocksuckers :blink:

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