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CDL 03 - Lines


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Time to start setting your lines.  This basic format works for most, but if you want to set particular replacements, you can if you understand how that works - How It Works

Otherwise, I assume you want a 3rd defensemen to come in for either LD/RD who gets a penalty/gets injured.  The 4th only comes in as necessary.  I also assume your extra attacker will be your 4th F if an injury occurs.  On a penalty, I'll keep your starters on unless otherwise indicated. 

IF YOU KNOW OF A JERSEY NUMBER CONFLICT - you can also indicate it below.  Otherwise I will bump up the lesser known players up/down one.  If you have two starters with the same number, I'll look for a previous NHL number.  


Team Name: Anaheim Ducks

LD: Raymond Bourque
RD: Glen Wesley
LW: Andrei Kovalenko
C: Luc Robitaille
RW: Ted Donato
X: Ron Francis

3rd D: Vladimir Malakov

G: Kelly Hrudey


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Team Name: Capitals

LD:   Calle Johansson
RD: Gary Suter
LW:  Trevor Linden
C:    Jeremy Roenick
RW:  Vincent Damphousse
X: Alexnder Semak

3rd D: Greg Hawgood

G: Mike 'AJ's Least Favorite Goalie' Vernon

Dupes: Semak 28; Hawgood 4; Hrvinak 1

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Team Name Edmonton Oilers


LD Gord Murphy 
RD Scott Stevens 

LW  Stefan Lebeau

C  Yuri Khmylev

RW Adam Oates



LW  Adam Oates

Ed Olcyzk

RW Dmitri Kvartalnov

Third D - Luke Richardson 

Extra attacker - Ed Olcyzk

Goalie 1 - Dominic Roussel


Jersey dupes: Olcyzk to 2, Pantaleyev to 23, Khmylev to 26, Matvichuk to 44

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DALLAS STARS (corbettkb)

LW - (28) Bob Bassen
C    - ( 9) Mike Modano
RW - (17) Dallas Drake
LD  - (77) Paul Coffey
RD  - ( 7) Alexi Kasatonov
G    - (30) Ed Belfour
X    - ( 4) Gerald Diduck

LW - (17) Dallas Drake     *CNG to #17, #'07-08 Detroit
C    - (17) Dallas Drake
RW - (17) Dallas Drake
LD  - ( 4) Gerald Diduck  
RD  - ( 4) Gerald Diduck
G    - (32) Daniel Berthiaume
X    - (22) Ron Sutter

F    - (25) Valeri Zelepukin
F    - (29) Dave Andreychuk  *CNG to #29, #'82-83 Buffalo
D    - (14) Paul Cavallini

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Team Name: Brampton Battalion

LD: JJ Daigneault
RD: Al Macinnis
LW: Kevin Dineen
C: Stevie Yzerman
RW: Neil Broten
X: Joe Nieuendyk

3rd D: Tommy Sjodin

G: Dominik Hasek

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Team Name: Calgary Flames

LD: Jamie Macoun
RD: Teppo Numminen
LW: Mario Lemieux
C: Mats Sundin
RW: Geoff Sanderson
X: Thomas Steen

3rd D: Kevin Dahl

G: Chris Terreri

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(Chris O)

Team Name: Hershey Bears

LD: Cam Russell
RD: Petr Svoboda
LW: Wayne Gretzky
C: Brian Bradley
RW: Nikolai Borshevsky
X: Joe Mullen

3rd D: Curt Giles

G: Patrick Roy


Edited by Mitch Kramer
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Team name: TML

LW: Richer
C: Sandstrom
RW: Emerson
LD: Patrick
RD: Konstantov
X: Ruzicka

G: Moog

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LW - (42) Makarov
C    - (8) Recchi
RW - (68) Jagr
LD  - (43) Brisebois
RD  - ( 5) Smith
G    -(35) Essensa
X    -(27) Derek King

LW -(14) Millen
C    -(14) Millen
RW - (14) Millen
LD  - ( 23) Gill
RD  - ( 23) Gill
G    - (31) Wregget
X    - (22) Dahlen

Jersey Dupes: Corey Millen becomes 14.

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Wheeling Nailers


Line One:

LD: Chaisson

RD: Tinordi

LW: Neely

C: Ysebaert

RW: Selanne

G: Casey

X: Ranheim

Line Two:

LD: Olausson

RD: Maciver

LW: Ranheim

C: Statsny

RW: Craven

G: Pietrangelo

X: Selanne






















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1 hour ago, JSchmidt said:

California golden seals

C Mario Lemiuex

LW Ronning

RW Borshevsky

first sub Ridley


LD Gusarov

RD Zhitnik

first sub Jim Johnson

G Hextall

We aren't doing lines for a previous season, post in the right thread

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