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CDL Season 3 C League Team Selection Draft Order


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Note, if you do not see your name on here, let me know!


C League Team Selection Draft will start Wednesday 7/28, 8PM Eastern time. Pick deadlines will go until 11PM, then restart on Thursday 7/29 at 5PM Eastern Time. Picks will be made in the CDL-C-draft channel on the NHL94 Discord server. Pick deadlines will be 1 hour, starting from the time the previous selection was made. If you miss your deadline, you can choose whenever you show up, you do not have to wait till the end of the draft.

IF you are not a member of the server yet, please join using the link on the nhl94.com front page.

The draft order was weighted and randomized. The coaches new to 94 were first randomized and will pick first. Then, I put in the bottom 2 teams from last season (Heinz and Triple A) and put them next in order of Win Pct. Then, the next group was everyone else, including new players to C league who have played before, and returning players kidswasted, jcariello, and whalers. This group was randomized and filled out the rest of the draft.


Draft Order:

1 - Dinkleberg - WSH @Dinkleberg

2 - Buyckaroo - BUF @Buyckaroo

3 - migsro - DAL

4 - leedaiger @leedaiger

5 - Jeelock @Jeelock

6 - UltraMagnus @UltraMagnus

7 - Heinz57 @Heinz57

8 - Triple A @Triple A

9 - DPS @DPS

10 - halifax @halifax

11 - kidswasted @kidswasted

12 - jcariello @jcariello

13 - Charlesworth @Charlesworth

14 - whalersmightwin @jay22

15 - TDubs @TDubs

16 - skills324 @skills324

17 - bvish @bvish



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