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The moment of truth is here, the official NHL 94 Rewind GENS ROM (identical to console version) is ready to roll! I will be running ongoing leagues similar to the 94 Classic leagues based on this 94 Rewind ROM. 

If you would like to participate in this league let me know either here or in the gens-94-rewind Discord channel @INDIO https://discord.gg/8hj29HSw. Please pass this along to anyone you know that plays 94 Rewind on console and is looking for some Online action!

LEAUGE FORMAT (Same as 94 Classic League format)

  • Each player will select 1 of the 32 teams from the ROM
  • Team Selection Draft order TBD based on number of participants and range of skill level (divisions may be used to separate skill level - depends on player count)
  • Roughly 40 game season, plus playoffs best of 7 series
  • 5 minute periods, Penalties On, No offsides, No Line changes, Manual goalie
  • Overtime 10 minutes

ROM Details:

  • All 31 Teams from the console version are in this ROM. Team rosters and stats are IDENTICAL to the stats used in the NHL 94 Rewind released for console. This ROM is an exact replica.
  • All team logos, ice logos, in game banners, player cards and jerseys colours have been updated
  • As a bonus, The Seattle Kraken have been added as the 32nd team (Instead of all stars) with their rosters built as of July 30th 2021. I DID NOT move players from other teams, I just built Seattle’s roster using identical player stats from the Rewind ROM. The players on Seattle have their duplicates on whatever team they came from. This was done to avoid messing up the actual teams from the 94 Rewind console version.

Attached I have also included an excel sheet that has all player stats to assist people in evaluating teams and their attributes. Also attached is a Team List showing team's overall ratings, lines and HOME/ROAD advantages.


1. WEIGHT BUG FIX has been applied to this ROM. This matches the console version. For more details on this hack, check out the forums for @smozoma’s weight bug fix, general Summary below:

  • Heavier players hit better than lighter players
  • Higher CHECKING stat helps the player check better
  • Heavier guys are harder to knock down than lighter guys

2. HOT/COLD Ratings Fix. Player ratings in EDIT LINES now match correctly if the player is HOT/COLD

3. 32 TEAM Freeze Fix- With 32 team roms, in the team selection screen Winnipeg freezes if you let the player cards scroll. This has been Fixed but in game player cards cannot be viewed. Player cards still show up on the Team selection screens and Ron Barr screens, you just can’t click on “Player Cards” in game (no big deal no one does this anyway)

SPECIAL THANKS TO Slapshot, kingraph, smozoma and chaos for answering the million questions I had regarding ROM hacking.






GENS 94 Rewind_v02.bin

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