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Welcome to the WN95HL!!!!!

This a new and exciting league that features the 23 custom teams of 23 guys across North America coming together for the first official NHL95 Online League. The league is like no other out there, especially using an retro game as its platform. For all the people who loved NHL95 but didn't have enough people around to enjoy a league. Wait no longer and join the fold. JOIN US ON DISCORD --

League Details

  • 44 Regular Season Games, Playoffs Best of 5 and 1 Champion, but for how long and could this be a dynasty in the making.
  • Custom teams of your choice (Team logos, Team Nickname, Jersey Colors, Ice Logo, and Arena). 
  • Rolling annual drafts from 95-2021. (Over 26 years converted to 26 seasons of trades, rookies, retirements, injuries, player progressions and regressions, etc.)
  • In-depth stat tracking (League Leaders, Record Book, Player Stats, Power Rankings, etc.) via GOOGLE SHEETS
  • Weekly videos of overviews, coach interviews, game analysis, game commendatory, etc.) WN95HL - YouTube

Current Teams:

  1. @UltraMagnus - Orlando Cyclones
  2. @segathon - Minnesota Mullets
  3. @kingraph - Anaheim Ducks
  4. @Heinz57 - Kolner Haie
  5. @SammieSmith33 - Minnesota Maximals
  6. @halifax - Halifax Schooners
  7.  @aftershock84 - Troy City Titans
  8. @bombjack - California Golden Seals
  9. @bclinto1  - Autobahn Autobahn
  10. @LHX - Renfrew Creamery Kings
  11. @AT ONE SIR - Binghamton Dusters  
  12. @Jeelock - Pensacola Ice Flyers
  13. @leviathan - Hartford Hot Jets
  14. @mcline88 - Sunnyvale Shithawks
  15. @wolf_of_highland - Highland Wolf
  16. @Gambi - Brantford Smoke
  17. @james4ster - Troy City Tea Baggers
  18. @gaelicgopher - Minnesota Moose
  19. @TrunzoEBC - New York EBC
  20. @Dinkleberg - Dinkleberg Dinkleberries
  21. @bclinton - Richfield Oracles
  22. @Pink Elephants - Sumter Trash
  23. @einstein77777 - Sugar Valley Firebirds

1st Splash.jpg


Main Menu.jpg

WN95HL Power Rankings 1.png





player stats.jpg




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