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SNES B: LA 6, Montreal 5 (OT)


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The most points in the league, but you wouldn't have known it from your Montreal Forum seat during Los Angeles' 6-5 comeback victory over the Canadiens early Saturday morning.

The greatest GF average in the league might have shone through a bit better. After falling down 3-0 in the first two minutes of the first period, LA defensemen finally got their act together and fended off Canadiens forwards for only one more goal in the next ten minutes of play. By that time, LA had stormed back to a 4-4 tie, with 3 deke goals and only one ligitimate one-timer.

With less than two minutes in regulation, LA finished the comeback with a go-ahead goal. But Montreal answered in the 50-second range with a tying goal of its own. Montreal had its best chance to win it in overtime on a long one-timer into an open net that was blocked by a Kings defenseman.

"It probably would have gone in if my man hadn't been there," Kings netminder Kelly Hrudey, whose uncharacteristic shaky performance. "What an amazing cross-ice pass that was. I'd have had no chance."

Wayne Gretzky took the rebound the length of the ice and finished the game with a deke move on Patrick Roy. "I just saw the chance and took it," Gretzky said. "One-on-one moves had been working all game, so that was my best bet."

It was LA's first overtime game this season.

"You have a great style of play," were the words Kings coach Auggie had for his Canadiens counterpart Rocky in the post-game IM handshake line. "After some comparatively easy victories and a great warm-up period with Rocky, perhaps we went in with too much confidence," he said later to reporters. "This is a great check for our team.

"And Rocky definitely doesn't get credit around the league's dialogue circles he deserves. We rely on the body check, where much of the league clogs up the slot to intercept passes. Rocky does a great job of anticipating the check and getting off a pass to an open man on the attack. He killed us tonight with that, and we were lucky to get the W."

"Great game," a dejected Rocky said en route to his equally dejected locker room. Montreal let a sure upset slip away.

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