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Saturday February 5th, it's all about NHL94 on Genesis.  Friday night, we'll have some options if we want to have a side competition.  While there will most certainly be pickup games of 94 played all night, there is an opportunity here to play some other games in a quick single or double elim format should there be enough interest.  The games should be on the Genesis since that's what we'll have setup.

I'll throw out some suggestions, but feel free to add your own.  These are meant to be fun, and not to be taken too seriously.

Street Fighter 2 Special Championship Edition(the Genesis port of Hyper Fighting)

 -More people play this than you probably realize, and it even supports handicap(give/take more/less damage) which I'm in favor of to help even things out.  I also have a ton of copies of this game on the cheap.

NBA Jam T.E. - always a fun game, having this might coax some guys to travel that might not otherwise come.  I have a number of copies and I know a few others might be able to bring an extra cartridge.

NHL94 Rewind Custom Rom, would need some help getting enough flash carts, but I think this could be a blast.  This would probably best the most intense tournament if we did it.  We could probably get by with 4-6 total flash carts to make this work depending on how many people were there.

NHL94 2v2s  Pros and Joes, a really fun way to kick off the weekend.  I would need some help with the 4 player adapters.  We could probably get by with just a couple of these setups since it occupies 8 people at once.

Mortal Kombat 1 or 2 - a hail mary if you will, since it's one of my favorite all time games, and I have multiple copies.  Games are quick, and the nostalgia factor is pretty high.


Let me know your thoughts.


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