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Its kind of like thinking of it as NHL2k before NHL2k was a thing on the era of consoles of the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox ERA. Of course i understand the gameplay is a mix of other hockey games, it has that top to bottom camera view, identical scoreboard and presentation, and 95 faceoff like the NHL games and the fight system reminds me of the one used in Mario Lemieux Hockey (Super Slapshot) and Wayne Gretzky Hockey NHLPA All-Stars. clunky as it is. it has pretty good sprite design and animations even for bodychecking and shooting, decent puck physics, nice sound effects, music, and including play-by-play commentary audio which is a detail some hockey games not even NHL games on the Sega genesis or snes console era had (with the acceptation of blades of steel on the nes).

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