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NHL 97 Palette issues

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So, NHLInfo tells me this in regards to viewing NHL 97 faces with the correct:

save FACES\FACEPAL.FSH\!PAL to file with F-key to current directory
   (Palette file's name can be for example NHL97FACE.PAL). SHIFT+P
   and P should again view correct palette

...which I did. However, this error pops up when I follow these steps, because there ALWAYS seems to be some sort of error when it comes to this kind of stuff. Did I do anything wrong?


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You may not have to do all these steps but I dusted off nhlinfo after about 20 years and this is how I got palettes working:

- make sure your palette file and .fsh file are in same folder as nhlinfo

- open nhlinfo after you do this

- before you go into the fsh file hit shift+p and set . to palette folder

- now go into fsh folder, you should be able to cycle through available palettes. The image itself won’t update with the new palette, you have to save while the palette is enable to see it correctly



i was able to extract the rink from NHL95 with proper palette this way

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7 minutes ago, Jlsegafan2001 said:

Well, to obtain the palette, I’d have to go into facepal.fsh

You should be able to save the palette? Save it as a .pal file. Just in case I would restart NHLINFO after that in case it doesn't recognize the palette file in real-time and needs to be restarted.

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Since I don't have any video to go off of, I don't know what to do, as I am a visual learner.


Also, this image shows us the very reason I created this thread in the first place- the cyberfaces are not supposed to look like this.


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