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TOOL: SNES 94 Player Card Updater (PCU)


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SNES '94 Player Card Updater (PCU)


ver 0.1:   SNES 94 PCU v0.1.zip

- Updates all Player Cards in a SNES '94 ROM. Useful for a ROM with custom rosters.

- Players who are not in the original 94 game will be given a random generic Player Card

- Automatically checks for a ROM header and adjusts accordingly

- Big thanks to dangler for gathering all the pointers and storing them in an Excel file


When making a custom roster ROM for SNES 94, the player cards do not automatically update. So, for example, if Brett Hull was on the Detroit Red Wings roster, his player card could actually be Steve Yzerman. This program will look at the rosters in the ROM selected, and update the Player Cards accordingly, instead of having to manually do it through a hex program.

The program is very simple. Click "Select ROM", and choose the ROM you wish to update. Don't worry, the program will not overwrite the original ROM. Once loaded, you will be able to click "Update Player Cards", which will make a copy of the ROM, make the changes, then ask where you would like to save the new version. That's it.


There is a caveat. Note that only classic ROM starters have an actual Player Card photo. Bench players have a generic Player Card assigned to them. Also, since the SNES uses color in its Player Cards, the color palette is specific to a team, so it's possible to have some weird effects (Jagr on WPG gives him blue hair). Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do as of now about this.


Also, if there is a player that is not on a Classic 94 roster (maybe it's a 2021 player ROM, for instance), the player will be given a random generic Player Card (There is 1 for goalies, and 3 different ones for skaters). 


The zip file contains the Windows version of the program, along with the CSV file used for pointers, and a few images used by the program. The source zip file includes the same, but instead of the Windows program, includes the Python code, which can be run on any system that has Python 3.8+ installed on it. You will also need some dependency Python modules to run it as well (look in the .py file to see them).


PCU Update Screenshot.png


SNES PCU 0.1 Source.zip


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Updated the Player_Card_Pointers.csv file (VAN needed to be shifted down, so any player originally on VAN with the old file will have their pics wrong). 

The current zips have the new file.

For those that had already downloaded this before today, use this CSV file, copy into the main folder, and Replace the old file with this one.




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