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Putting roms on sega mini or snes mini classic consoles

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Note from facebook poster Scott Edward S:

For Sega, you need to install RetroArch on the mini as well, because the default Genesis emulator is buggy and doesn't run NHL94 properly (lots of reports on here of backwards players, braindead goalies..).


Yes, I have done this. You have to install Retroarch on the back end of it which is super easy. Then when it plays, it plays through Retroarch and plays fine.

To use this for the Genesis Mini you would download Project Lunar - https://modmyclassic.com/project-lunar/
To do this for NES or SNES mini you go through Hakchi which you posted above - https://modmyclassic.com/
The biggest thing when doing this is to make sure the USB cable you have is a "data" USB. It seems like not a big thing but drove me flippin nuts a few times. Now I have a cord that I know works and put a piece of tape that says "data" on it.
The ModMyClassic guys also have a discord which has a helpful community as well. You can find that here - https://discord.com/invite/8gygsrw


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