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Snes B: LA fends off Canucks 5-4


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Vancouver's three-goal third period was not enough to propel them to a win over first-place Los Angeles on Tuesday night. The Kings took a slot-position shot to win 5-4, two minutes into overtime.

Entering the third period, the Kings led 3-1. Thirteen seconds later they extended it to 4-1 on a faceoff-to-one-timer goal. Vancouver stepped it up from there, scoring three goals in the next four minutes to tie the game.

Kings (19-4) coach Auggie was pleased with his team's resiliency. "All that matters when it comes down to it is the win," he said. "We'll iron out the wrinkles of losing focus during the third period in practice. Trust me, they'll be doing some sprints."

Overall, the Vancouver erased 3-0 and 4-1 LA leads but couldn't eke out the victory.

"The Canucks just dominated us in the third with timely passing and some of our own medicine," said Auggie, referring to the Canucks' splendid one-timer to make it 4-2 and a deke move to cut the lead in half.

Some lagging problems suspended the rest of the four-game series until a later date.

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