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Team Offsets for NHL94-98


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Hello Fellow Members, 

Ive been doing some digging into future roms, and have located the Team Offsets from NHL96, 97 and 98. Im not sure if these have been found already, but thought to share my findings. Tested the values and found each version of NHl from 93-98 had the players data in HEX editor starting 104 bytes after team-offset. However, 96-98 were all the same and were only a 100 bytes away.

NHL 93 - Team-offset to extract rosters - 314 (thanks to @smozoma in his original post 


NHL 94 - Team-offset to extract rosters - 30E (thanks to @SabreFan1)

NHL 95 - Team-offset to extract rosters - 772 (thanks to @kingraph)

NHL 96 - Team-offset to extract rosters - 77E 

NHL 97 - Team-offset to extract rosters - 77E 

NHL 98 - Team-offset to extract rosters - 77E 

I've attached each rom extract below for those interested. In addition, would like to thank @smozoma for his fantastic NHL Hockey Roster Tool. And



97.csv 98.csv 96.csv

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I've been experimenting with this roster extractor tool myself. What's weird is the 96 and 97 CSV's spit out G and D for everyone. Forwards are included but listed as D. Kind of annoying but an easy manual fix in the export files.

In the 98.csv I noticed Ray Bourque, for example, has a weight of 6 but in-game his weight matches fellow Bruins teammate Sandy Moger(10) as well as his weight the whole NHL series(10). I'm wondering what other oddities there are. I would love to use the 98 ROM for future leagues but I'm hesitant about its accuracy. What's strange is most of his other attributes seem accurate like O/D-Aware, SHP/SHA and PAS.

I manually transcribed an NHL Hockey(91) CSV from the ROM in NOSE. The NHLPA 93-NHL 95 CSV's seem accurate. 96 and 97 are complete after I changed the various D's to F where necessary. 98 remains the lone issue. If you want I could post the completed CSV's here, which include any 0-12 or 0-15 conversions to the 0-6 94 rating format(not sure what the format is for 95-I can't remember).

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