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Playing on XBox Series S


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Hello everyone!

Long time no talk again.

A little over a year ago I asked about playing on my tablet, as my laptop was basically on it's death bed. This route seemed futile.

A couple months ago I was able to get my hands on an XBox Seres S. I have recently seen videos on YouTube that are saying that retroarch can be installed onto an XBox, as it is a Microsoft device.

I am wondering people's opinions on how I can possibly go about playing through my XBox, and if online play is even possible on it.

I would like to get back into playing and being with this community, but I'd really rather not spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer that would solely be used to play this game, as I have no use for one otherwise.

So if I can find way to get back to playing this wonderful game on my XBox, that would be the ideal scenario. Thanks so much for your ideas and help, it's much appreciated!

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I think you'd be the first here to try it.

You have to enable Developer Mode on the xbox (requires paying $20) and then you can install it. Here are instructions: https://www.howtogeek.com/703144/how-to-install-the-retroarch-emulator-on-xbox-series-x-or-s/

I have no idea if netplay works between the xbox retroarch and PC/mac retroarch. In theory it should, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. We already have a problem playing Sega NHL'94 between PC and Mac.

I suspect that while you're in Developer Mode your actual XBox games won't work and you have reboot into regular mode to play them.

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On Xbox One Consoles, you could install a "virtual dev kit".

From there, Retroarch could be installed.

I haven't tried this on my next gen consoles yet, but I would look at that part of Microsoft's web site. I was like $20 for a license, and if you're into developing games you could import you own indie titles.

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Yeah I saw some people do it you have to do the dev mode like @smozoma said ($19 I think).


As far as playing online, probably not at this moment. I'm sure the Xbox version is 64 bit RA, and we are running 32 bit RA. This will change soon though, plan on updating to 64 bit in the next few months

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