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2 SNES B Coaches Needed for SNES A


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Ok boys there are 2 SNES A teams left to fill, and as per deers good idea I'm looking for 2 SNES B guys to do the job. Please only apply if you have the time to play out your games in both leagues and depending on the number of people interested, guys with better records and more games played will get the preference.


Washington Capitals

Buffalo Sabers

The fast we fill these last 2 spots the faster we can finish up the games, and I'm even hoping to have these filled by tonight if possible. Thanks!

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I'd love to. However, I'm unsure whether or not either my record or my games played is enough. I'd take Washington no problems too.

I'm having a hard time finishing my games in the B League because looking through recent games, only the west is playing, and that doesn't take very many games off my schedule, and most of them are, and quite warranted in doing so, giving preference to teams in their conference.

I'm willing to get all my games done, but for the most part no one is on when I am. So this goes to the B leaguers. I'm available most nights. email me with a game time. matthew_r_boyd@hotmail.com

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