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"Beer Money" NHL94 Genesis Online Tournament

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Today we announce our Beer Money NHL94 tournament online!  In hopes of generating some "Buzz" (see what I did there) leading up to Modano Mo Problems II, we'll be holding an online Gens tournament.

Sign up is here =====> https://forms.gle/Wt9KZzZfNHWMq9cLA

Prior Genesis tournament winners are permitted to participate, but must take a 1 tier or greater disadvantage when teams are selected.  Currently those winners are @kingraph and @angryjay93 If a different winner than these two emerges, that individual will win free entry to Modano Mo Problems II.

We will use the same team selection process as Modano Mo Problems II rules, which can be found here : https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/21352-february-5th-2022-modano-mo-problems-ii-presented-by-edge-of-94-midwest-and-av-for-you/


A Group play phase will precede the elimination phase.  This process mirrors what will happen in Minneapolis, and has been laid out in the aforementioned rules.

100% of the funds go to NHL94 live tournament players.  Half goes to the prize pool, the other half goes towards communal "beer money" for those present for the live festivities February 5th, 2022 at The Moxy Uptown.

All of those participating in this online and live will get a special prize upon arrival to the tournament.

Everyone wins when we drink and game together.  

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