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As a minor add-on/followup to my player card tutorial, attached you can find a TM XML configuration file to make editing ice rink logos in NHL94 a little easier.

Basic usage/tips:

  • Place the extracted XML file in your "resources" subfolder found under the Tile Molester folder.
  • Rename the filename (not the extention) of the .XML to match the name of the rom you are about to edit.
  • When you then open your rom in TM, you will find bookmarks for all ice rink team logos.
  • I have also mapped the color palettes, but as they link to the rom data they will only work for original rom structure. If you are using a rom that you have roster edited in NOSE (and moved around the free bytes between teams), then use NOSE to tell you the home strip color offset in decimal, and use the "Palette" > "Import From" > "This File" feature.
  • With the amount of palettes bookmarked, its best you set your screen resolution to 1280x960 or greater (vertically).
  • Use the "Window" > "New Window" menu feature in TM to open many logo at once as seen in the attached images.
  • If you paste in new logos using the "Edit" > "Paste From" feature, remember that TM will best attempt to match the colors found in your active/selected palette. Ice logos are 48x32 pixels in size, so make sure the image you using matches these dimensions.
  • All logos are 30A hex bytes apart if you wish to use the "Go To (relative) Offset" feature.

I think that just about covers everything.




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  • 9 months later...

Yea.. for some reason all the attachments got messed up when we moved the site to a new hosting company recently. The uploads directory isn't working properly even though it has full permissions.

We'll try to get this sorted out soon.

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