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Bit of a niche project, for those unfamiliar the USHL is the only Tier I junior league based in the US. Normally a 16-team circuit based in the Midwest, the league played with 14 teams last season due to COVID. A total of 50 players from the USHL were drafted last year, including 9 first rounders. Two players, Cole Sillinger and Akira Schmid, have already made their NHL debuts however the majority of alumni are currently playing college hockey.

2021 USHL.bin

2021 USHL u3_000.jpg

2021 USHL u3_001.jpg

Montreal prospect Sean Farrell led the league with 101 points.

2021 USHL u3_002.jpg

2021 USHL u3_004.jpg

You may have heard of his dad?

2021 USHL u3_019.jpg

2021 USHL u3_015.jpg

2021 USHL u3_012.jpg

2021 USHL u3_022.jpg



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On 2/2/2022 at 2:33 PM, karr2k said:

Sweet, I am a Gameday Photographer for Green Bay, this is great!

Small world.  I used to run my annual NHL94 tournament in Green Bay until 2020.  

I've sang the national anthem at the Gamblers games several times.  I also work alongside Amy Mikesh as the public address announcer for Bay Port Hockey.  I talked to coach Mikesh last night during our senior night banquet.

I can't wait to give this rom the ole college try.  I'll probably be at the game on Saturday night.

I told both Coach and Amy about this rom.  They were very interested in seeing it in action.

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