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Coach Mac's Original 6 Rom


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After a great weekend playing Genesis Hockey with @angryjay93

I got back into making/improving roms.

This one is my Original 6 NHL '94 rom.
The rom is not based on a specific year but on the players from 1951-1967.

It has the 6 Teams from the Original 6 era.
Each team 23 players (4 lines and 3 goalies)
The lines are set as close as possible to the actual lines that played together.
Boston "Uke Line", Detroit "Production Line", New York "GAG Line"
No player is on 2 teams.
The lines are set with 4 lines in the spirit of the Line Rolling League.

The rom is Weight Bug Fixed and the C/B check is eliminated.
The B-check won't work with Penalties Off.

Player Cards are all new and created by me.
The ProSet logo is on the scoreboard and in the 3-stars screen.

The Playoff Match-ups are adjusted to have just 6 Teams.
If you advance and win the Cup you will have played 4 of the possible 5 opponents.



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