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Yes the AI is too easy but its really not that bad as far as 16-bit standards go. I think the problem is that they made the players too fast and too good when it comes to shot power and accuracy. You could pretty much score at will with even the worst player in the game. I think that the players who scored less than 10 goals a season should have been rated accordingly for shot power/accuracy, but I guess thats why Hex Workshop was invented. :)

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If you want to practice, don't play as Ottawa.

Play as the team you like best, but take out the goalie. The best defense is puck control on offense, and not letting any shots on goal.

I used to do this but it kind of screwed up practicing my offense, always having two centers hanging out waiting for the one-timer. Now I just play a normal game but count shots by the computer as goals - if I finish with more goals than the AI has shots, I win.

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The game always needed 3 levels of difficulty. There's times the AI makes sick plays so if they made that happen more often on a harder level it could be fun.

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