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Hello dear friends and associates

Since i study graphic design Ive decided to design a nhl94 fanzine for my friends at our annual nhl94 tournament 2005.

Its going down the 18th of December in a secret location in stockholm Sweden. Its going to be a magical evening!

people have already tried to bribe me to secure their favourite team.

anyway. I would very much appreciate if someone could email me the SNES rink image in fullsize= great quality!

Magnus Bure

ps. By the way, if anyone are interested, I could produce more fanzines than to my friends if anyone would be interested in buying them. if so, give me an Email, cant say for how much since I havent done the screenprinting yet, so dont know how much theyll charge me, but probably around £5. Im spending 24/7 designing them at the moment, so all my passion and love are dedicated to the matter.

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This link is for a photoshop document (PSD) of the SNES rink. It's dimensions are 900x1440 pixels at 150 resolution. That's the biggest one I have. I hope this helps.



approx 5.3 MB

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