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Guest BSDaemon
(Sports Network) TORONTO, ON- The Toronto Maple Leafs have a new interim head coach and it might be paying dividens. The shot in the arm for the club has kept them in the thick of the Campbell Conference playoff race in Genesis Level B League. With the Leafs sitting at 8-5-0 a few days ago, head coach Paul Maurice was fired in what was rumored to be a rift with management. In stepped Jamonica and Toronto's record has improved to 15-10-0 entering action this week.

With points left on the table, the Leafs still have an opportunity to meander up the conference ladder. Fifteen tilts are still on the docket, with key 3 divisional match-ups against Detroit. Toronto will also have a few important conference games down the stretch with Calgary, Edmonton and San Jose.

"We've been playing some decent hockey lately and we just have to keep doing exactly that," said Jamonica. "We still have a long way to go in this race and we have to play a full 15 minutes every night. There are some really good teams in this conference and they won't just give us points- we need to battle and earn them. It's up to those guys out on the ice if they really want to be a part of the playoffs and work to get in there."

Jamonica, the suprise coach from Florida of all places, has found a pretty good lineup in Toronto that features a suprising change upfront. The coach, who has been linked many times to be eyeing the positon behind the Calgary bench, has Nikolai Borshevsky flanked by Glenn Anderson and Doug Gilmour, with Dave Ellet and Jamie Macoun patrolling the blueline. This is a far different lineup from the one that started the year, with Gilmour centering Dave Andreychuk and Borshevsky. Ellet and Todd Gill were the defensemen, with Felix Potvin still in between the pipes.

"I think we needed a little more speed upfront and Glenn's such a good skater, it made sense to put him with Nik and Dougie," said the coach. "I think we're pretty good from the back end out with Felix and our speed upfront can close the gap between our d-men and forwards. We'll see how it goes and just continue to try and win hockey games."

Jamonica knows that the Toronto media has the tendency to fall in love with a team playing good hockey and overhype them. He says that the key for them will be staying focused and not worrying about things outside the room.

"We have 15 games left here in the season and the more we win, the spotlight will get brighter and brighter on us, especially here in Toronto. We have to focus on winning periods, winning battles, playing hard and getting points. If we do that, we should be able to get a playoff spot hopefully."

Nik playing center? You're crazy! B):(

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Guest BSDaemon
Maybe...just a little. LOL :)

I usually put clark in center and dougie on the wing. some nights clark is fast as all hell... and some nights hes slow as molasses. if hes slow i just put dave back in.

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