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SNES Online NHL94 Tournament - Modano Mo Problems 2

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Sign up link here : https://forms.gle/SYU2sJJokQuNHyHV6

This year, we did not hold our SNES tournament in person due to a lack of Canadian representation(thanks Covid).

Now that the live event is concluded, we can move forward with our SNES portion of the event online!

SNES Tiers:







What : NHL 94 tournament SNES

Where  Online - visit www.nhl94online.com for emulator and rom files required.

When : March 1st 2022, spanning 2-3 weeks for group phase and bracket play(this is a guideline, and we want to be as accommodating as possible to include as many people as possible that wish to play.

Cost :  $25 online via PayPal to trojan1979@gmail.com(Must use the friends and family, aka someone you know, and not the goods and services).

Payout :  This tournament is designed in part to raise payout funds for our live event in 2023 during the Pro Bowl weekend(typically early February).   For every $25 entry fee collected, $5 goes to the live event beer fund, $10 goes to the live event  prize pool, and $10 goes towards the top two finishers.  There will be a 60/40 split on the payouts to the top two players, and the winner of the tournament will also win free entry to Modano Mo Problems 3's live event.

In addition to the payouts, one lucky player who is active in the live stream chats can and will win a signed NHL jersey(to be revealed closer to the tournament and must be claimed in person at the next live event)


SNES tournament : Group play will precede bracket play.   A single elimination bracket will follow the group play phase.  A Maximum of 32 players will advance to bracket play.  The round of 32 will be a one and done game.  The final 16/8/4 will be a best 2/3 series.  The finals will be a 5 games series.   Higher seed will pick tier and be player 2/home team for game 1 and 3(if needed).  In game 2 for the final 16 players, the lower seed is then Player 1 and the home team picking the tier.

Rules : 5 minute periods, penalties on, no offside, manual goalie.  If it's in the game, it's in the game.  No game mechanics are banned. Examples are pass shots, CB checks, hail mary shots, goalie interference goals, rebound goals on penalty shots, etc.   Intentional stalling by way of backwards skating in your own zone playing keep away is not permitted.   A coin flip winner will be the home team(player 1) and call the tier for team selection.  The opposing player is the away team(player 2) and chooses which team they want based on the tier selected.  You may select from within or below the tier specified.    Example: Player 1 selects Tier 2.  That removes DET, BOS, NYR PIT from selection in that matchup.  Player 1 chooses CGY, Player 2 selects LAK.   Player 1 and Player 2 may not play as the same team.   You must take a different team in the selected tier each time.  You are only permitted to repeat a team selection once you have used the other teams within that tier an equal number of times. (Exception to this rule if player 2 has selected the last remaining team available for player 1 in said tier, another team may be selected that was already used by player 1) This process resets between group play and the playoffs.
Home Team(P1) has last right of substitution, should player 2 make any additional moves.  You may only sub during stoppage(penalty, icing, out of play, in between periods).  Please do not get start button happy during intermission.  Your opponent may wish to make an adjustment.  You may only pull your goalie if you currently possess the puck.

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Congrats to on his @Modano2SNES victory! He wins $90 and free entry to Modano Mo Problems 3 in 2023. walks away with $60 for 2nd place.  Ellis wins the signed Chelios jersey!  



$75 has been added to the tournament beer fund $150 has been added to the live tournament payout

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Just a reminder to my @Snes players @Sega and Snes players that we are going to get this moving, with our start goal being Tuesday March 1st. We have 8 players in so far, and our starting point goal was 20 players.
Some of you have addressed a concern thinking that everything happens on March 1st. This is INCORRECT. You will have a generous window in which to get your group play games played. Bracket play games are scheduled when both you and your opponent can get together, again within a reasonable window. We don't want people screwing up their personal plans, or causing stress with their other league demands. Within reason, we'll work around your availability. That being said, I hope more of you will join us.

We already announced a signed Chris Chelios Blackhawks jersey will be given away.  If we get 30 players, we will also include a signed Brett Hull jersey to be given away.



I have one more announcement to make on this. If we do get to that 30 player count, I will have a Lord Manly's Cup made for the winner. You can see what it looks like from past people holding theirs. Don't be fooled by its size. Ask or , as they can confirm how substantial they are in weight and craftsmanship.



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Current bracket status : https://challonge.com/modanomoproblems2snesonlinebracket

Congrats to @angryjay93 for securing the #1 seed and opening round bye!

Streams of select bracket series can be seen on The Retro Sports Gamer Channel here :

Games to start this week, as soon as this evening!

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