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DPWM season 2 line up set up

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to quote @angryjay93....


Time to start setting your lines.  This basic format works for most, but if you want to set particular replacements, you can if you understand how that works - How It Works

Otherwise, I assume you want a 3rd defensemen to come in for either LD/RD who gets a penalty/gets injured.  The 4th only comes in as necessary.  I also assume your extra attacker will be your 4th F if an injury occurs.  On a penalty, I'll keep your starters on unless otherwise indicated. 



Team Name: Montreal Canadiens

LD: G. Suter
RD: A. Kasatonov
LW: Esa Tikkanen
C: Jeremy Roenick
RW: A. Semak
X: Rod BrindAmour

3rd D: Larry Murphy
G: M. Vernon

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Team Name: Pittsburgh Penguins

LD: Bruce Driver
RD: Nik Lidstrom
LW: 'Dead' Dale Hawerchuk
C: Tomas Sandstrom
RW: Luc 'I HATE @Tickenest' Robitaille
X: Valeri Zelepukin

3rd D: Cam Russell
G: Mike Richter

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DALLAS STARS (corbetkb):

LW - (16) Pat Lafontaine
C    - (85) Petr Klima
RW - (15) Dave Gagner
LD  - (42) Richard Smehlik
RD  - (26) Glen Wesley
G    - (32) Kelly Hrudey
X    - ( 6) Corey Millen   *#change used 94-96 Stars

LW - (15) Dave Gagner
C    - (16) Pat Lafontaine
RW - ( 6) Corey Millen
LD  - (23) Todd Gill       *keep #23
RD  - (21) Jyrki Lumme
G    - (35) Robb Stauber
X    - (48) Scott Young

LW - (85) Petr Klima
C    - (15) Dave Gagner
RW - (48) Scott Young
LD  - (42) Richard Smehlik
RD  - (23) Todd Gill
X    - (45) Gilbert Dionne

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