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Problem with sprites


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Hi all. I redid the players and now some of my sprites has the wrong colors or missing feet. Has anybody seen anything like this with any game? Not sure what's happening. 16 player animations are affected by this glitch on each team. I use tilemolester and use copy and past between my roms, not sure if that makes a difference. I've been working on this rom for a year now redoing sprites, end zones, field, uniforms and logos. Pic 1 before glitch. Second pic teams with glitch. The sprites were fine after I changed the field color, they just changed out of the blue. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!!


(4) FBS 22_000.png

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Don't know is this will help, but I have noticed something similar to this occur when I was copying or importing sprites within some games. My problem seemed to be related to what colours were being displayed when the copy/pasting occurred. Importing is just a matter of making sure that the colours are different enough so there is no misinterpretation on tile molester's part when it chooses what colours to use.

Copy/pasting is weird because you would think that it would just directly swap the #4 colour in one game for the #4 colour in the other game, but I came across an issue when the colour palette had a dark grey [R096/G096/B096] and a dark green [R096/G128/B096]. For some reason, both the grey and the green were being interpreted as grey, and it was messing things up.
I've also encountered this when the transparency colour is either the same, or too similar to one of the visible colours. The NHL games have this problem a lot since the transparency colour is typically ice blue, so if a sprite uses a colour that is close to that shade, it ends up disappearing when you paste it. This happens a lot in the case where the first/transparency colour is black and there is another instance of black in the palette, everything you paste just ends up as that first instance of black. This is why I usually use bright magenta, or sometimes its inverse of bright green, as my transparent since it should not come up in a regular sprite.

In some cases, I've even gone as far as to change the current colour palettes to this, just to make sure that there is no chance of misinterpretation.

Sorry for the long reply, hope this helps.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely do that going forward. I’m just dumb founded because only 16 of like 60 sprites are wigging out. It’s just a pain. I’ll just redo those and hopefully it doesn’t happen again. 

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