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I have figured out how to make both top and bottom trapezoids. I have included screen shots which I will try my best to explain. Please note that the offsets shown only apply to the Sega CD version.


First, lets concentrate on the top trapezoid. The first thing you need to do is find 2 tiles that you do not need and change them to a diagonal line (first red arrow in the tile editor screen shot). The tile screen shot isn't lined up properly, but the first arrow corresponds to the coordinate of A0. The diagonal line next to it is A1 (ignore that for now, that was used for the bottom trapezoid). Next to that is an unused tile, next to the unused tile is A3 which is used for when the line of the trapezoid touches the boards.

Turn your attention to the hex screenshot. Counting backwards 39 4-digit groupings from the 00B9 brings you to 00A0 which points to the diagonal line "A0" in the tile editor as explained above. The rink is 48 tiles wide, but since we need to make a diagonal line, we're going to count 49 tiles which brings you to the next instance of "00A0". Repeat this again and you reach the next circled "00A0". Repeat it one more time and you have reached the endboards, as I explained above, I used tile "A3" for when the trapezoid comes in contact with the endboards which is why "00A3" is used. We are now done with the right line.

Doing the left line is very similar. Going back to the first B9, this time we count backwards by 28 4-digit groupings. Instead of "00A0", we need to use "08A0". Using a "00" in front of the coordinate will display the tile "as-is" while using a "08" in front of it will mirror it horizontally. Simply repeat the same steps as above but make sure you put a "08" instead of a "00". (EDIT: I neglected to mention that for the left line, you have to count back 47 tiles in order to compensate for the line going in the opposite direction.)

I know this is extremely confusing but hopefully the diagrams help somewhat. I will explain how to do the bottom trapezoid at a later time.

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That looks awesome, i Think we should update the NHL 07 Rom with this, nice job!

This would be a nice addition to the upcoming v1.1 30 team rom template by wboy that's for sure.

If you mean my and Mahavisnu's update, I will for sure add it if it works.

I tried adding it last year but then I only figured out the top part so I didn't want to put only that in it.

Great job by Chris to find a solution for the bottom part of the rink.

I am a bit skeptical though how it will look with the blue ice without the glass reflections on the trapezoid tiles,

hopefully not like there would be a visible hole in the glass (This was the problem last year with my experiments)

I'm waiting for the 2nd part of the tutorial and we'll see :)

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For the 2nd part, basically you just start at the 2nd arrow in the tile editor, count 9 tiles to the right, copy the glass with the middle seam into an unused tile (I used the above-mentioned A1) then simply draw the same diagonal line "around" the seam and glass texture. You'll need to do something similar to the tile that represents the top part of the glass and the lines will appear without any "holes" in the glass. I'll try to get a hex diagram together and explain it better when I get the time.

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