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Face Off! (PC/DOS)

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Colorful graphics and exciting intro music yet primitive sound effects and the teams are all red and green shirts. and the players of every team are named after Canadian political figures at the time. but the gameplay is identical to Konami's blade of steel.

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This was the best hockey game available prior to NHL92 IMO. Before this DOS version (released in 89), there was also a version of this game on Commodore 64 (released in 87). It didn't have the real players, but you could fully edit the rosters. I remember editing the rosters using our hockey card collection to derive player attributes, and then playing many many seasons with my brothers.

There were other hockey games on the C64 but they weren't nearly as good, and the season mode really took this one over the top. So much so that we stopped playing Table Hockey after we started playing Faceoff. The DOS version looked, played and sounded better, but by the time we got a PC and Faceoff, it wasn't much longer until I knew someone who had NHL92 on the Genesis. After NHL92, I don't think I could go back to playing any other hockey games out at the time.

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Absolutely love this old game. The fight cut-scene (and being able to pummel a guys face with blood at the end lol)

Looked beautiful too at the time. Goal / shot cam was a cool feature too.

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