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Checking- beyond the ratings


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Ok...the true NHL94 fans will know that a player's checking rating means nothing on the ice. We know that huys like JR, Gretz, Sundin, Eklund etc have low checking ratings but are absolute monsters on the ice.

Other guys like Chelios, U. Samuel, and Brent Ashton have good checking ratings...but can only take down the super-wussies like Messier, Andreychuk (love that name), Otto, and any of the starting forwards for Pittsburgh.

Whats the deal???

Sub topic: best checkers in the game:















and finally...the king of them all...Cam Russel... I s__t you not. He is an absolute monster. He can maul even the rockiest of rocks.



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What about Sweeney, Gord Murphy & Mogilny?

I think what makes a good checker may be acceleration and agility to quickly change direction and get to the puck carrier. That's why you can go around with guys like Mogilny & level 3 or 4 guys in row.

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Yeah...Sween, Mog, and Gord are good. (Sweeney actually isn't as deadly as in 93 in my opinion).

I agree that agility gives you the advantage of being able to cover the ice better, and line-up guys who are slower, but it is more than that. There are guys like Makarov who have killer agility and speed, but just bounce off players they try to body check...even when they totally have the guy in the trolly-tracks.

I still want to know what makes the "hot-knife-through-butter" type checkers. These are the guys who can be at the very end of an ill-timed speedburst...just coast into a player on fumes...and still knock him down with no resistence.

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Ok, this is an interesting point: good checking has little to do with the Checking Rating.

Let's establish who the best checkers really are, and don't just throw in anyone "good" or "surprising".

#1.Roenick (of course)

#2.Gilmour (TOR)

#3.Ronning (VAN)

After that, I am not sure. I dunno about people putting Lafontaine and Mogilny on the "best Checkers" list... I play Buffalo a lot and it is actually Svaboda who gives you the feeling that "If I hit their puck carrier with a solid check HE WILL GO DOWN."

That assuredness is the same feeling that Roenick and Gilmour give me....

Other thoughts on the Best of the Best?

-aqualizard (a.k.a. blueapricot416)

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The secret of this story is the weight and not the Agility

The lighter the player is...the harder he can check.

Sure sounds weird but Fleury is the lightest player in the game...and checks the hardest.

Heavy players like who weight over the 200 can't check a mouse.

Also...heavy players are very easy to check.

Just check (hehehe) it out....you'll be amazed.

Everybody who weights 180 or under it are killer checkers.

Pretty weird actually <_<

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