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"Beer Money Equalizer Tournament" Modano Mo Problems III Online Qualifier for Genesis

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Sign up here https://tinyurl.com/nhl94beermoneyequalizer2022

Cost: $20 via paypal(friends and family) to trojan1979@gmail.com

It's time to raise beer money and the prize pool for the eventual Modano Mo Problems III Tournament in 2023!  Last year each live participant got free beer tickets thanks to participation in the last event.


5 min periods, penalties on, no offsides, line changes off.  You may adjust your player lineups before the game, in between periods, or when the play is whistled dead.  Home team gets a chance to make any lineup changes to counter anything the away team chooses to do.  You may not pause live play unless you intend to pull your goalie while possessing the puck.  


To decide who plays at home, the player who drafted their team later gets to be home.  Example, @angryjay93 gets the 20th pick and takes the Sharks , @kingraphgets the 10th pick and gets the Rangers.  The Sharks would be the home team.

The Beer Money equalizer tournament costs $20.  $10 goes to the live event prize payouts, $10 goes to the beer fund for everyone who shows up in 2023 to our live event!  Players will be given "lotto balls" based on their relative skill level(ranked by peers), and will draft a team to be used throughout the entire tournament.  Players of all skill levels will be placed two different double elimination brackets, with the two winners facing off in winner takes all single game championship!  The tournament winner also wins free entry to Modano Mo Problems III in 2023(Target weekend is pro bowl weekend, but currently unconfirmed)  

Intentional stalling not permitted, you must always attempt to advance the puck into the opposing zone.

The game is considered over if there is a 6+ goal deficit in the 3rd period, but you may complete the game if both players chose to.  Goal differential has no other impact on this tournament as the brackets are randomly seeded.

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