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New league starting - Brutus is back

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Ok, I've run this league before and also ran a few other leagues in the past, the main one, Et Tu Brute, but all of them GENS leagues.  I sparingly play SNES and definitely don't league SNES, no offense to you non-Gens folks out there, or you bi-console folks.  This is a GENS only club.

I've already heard from several of you, and sign up sheet is after this post.

This one is Plablegs, it'll be the 4th time we've ran a league using this rom. 
THE MAIN POINT OF THE ROM is it enables PENALTIES to be disabled and still enable the B check to work.  Penalty shots still get called though. 

In addition, I run a draft lottery to determine draft positions, and do not disable the best players from ending up with the 1st pick of a draft.  I try to set up 3 divisions, and your schedule is weighted to play your division more than the other divisions, but depending on the amount of players, you will play everyone in the league (A/B/C or D) at least once, at most twice, and those in your division, either three or four times.

Playoffs run faster in my leagues because I do not re-seed each round.  Scheduling works out better with this method, imo, and while you might have sections of a playoff a round or 2 ahead of the other, you do end up getting to the Cup Finals usually a good solid week or two faster in my leagues.

Rules for ROM:
Static, Classic (no wbf & C/B enabled), penalties off but B check enabled, no home/away advantages based on team, no Y button for goalie, juiced goalie stats for all goalies not named Eddy or Roy, Blitz style faster control of goalie via B button & Blitz increased goalie range, hack enabling correct check count (removes post whistle checks from final count).

FOR SCHEDULING, goal is to have a league will have 3 Divisions.
Might amend schedule, depending on number of coaches that sign up.
**Play your division 3 games, and opposite divisions 2 games for a total of about 32 games.  Deadlines set for 7 games per week, 5 week season.**



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Here is the coaches that have said they are in:
#1 Brutus
#2 Chris O
#3 Hokkeefan
#4 Corbettkb
#5 dickon
#6 whalers
#7 LeifErikson
#8 DanTML
#9 Wittgenstein
#10 Mr T
#11 JV
#12 JCariello
#13 Trefizzle (Schmidt)
#14 Bvish
#15 Scribe99
#16 DPS
#17 AJ
#19 Jer33
#20 TecmoJon
#21 NUIHuskies
#22 SOH
#23 OK Boehmer
#24 MikeGartner

I had a few that were MORE than likely YES, but not posting here since they weren't solid YES I'M IN. 

ANYHOW wanting to join, please post in here.  Likely to run a live draft to with a rolling slow start so we can discuss some of the picks at the start, and get through the at least 2-3 rounds. 
ALSO, since there are no penalties, there is no need for more than 6 rounds.  Anything after Round 8 will be auto draft, unless requested. 


AND FINAL NOTE, unless your name is UNCLE SETH and you have never owned, nor will never own a cell phone, I require your cell phone number to join the league.  It helps reaching dudes during the draft, etc.  WIFI/Discord does not always get through.  I'm not some teen girl going to text you all the time, or at 3 am anyhow.  I still get texts during other leagues drafts over the years asking me to reach on of you mf'ers via cell!  lol

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I mean, I think less than 12 players on a rom causes issues setting lines and stuff, so I'll do 12 rounds of AUTO at the end.  Don't take much more time.  But official draft will be 7 rounds and you need to opt in to draft more than that not on auto.

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Team Selection to use as Team Name/Jerseys.

Corbett -   Dallas Stars
Jer33 -   Toronto Maple Leafs
Hokkeefan -  Vancouver Canucks
Dickon -  Edmonton Oilers
Whalers - Hartford Whalers


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Draft Order (Draft will go in reverse order following Round 1)

Buffalo Sabres - AngryJay
#24 Washington Capitals - Brutus

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Conference A

Pass Shots


5 Holers
Mr T
Chris O

Conference B

Crease Cutters


One Timers
OK Boehmer

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Ok, I will re-post this in Discord and get my promised video done before the draft.  However, SINCE I wasn't using the "balls" anyhow, and couldn't get screen capture setup properly on my laptop, being drunk, I just ran it, and put the results down, and will get to pre-draft video one night this week.

Scheduling works as follows:
Play each opponent in your division 4 times ( 4 x 5) = 20 games
Play each opponent outside your division 2 times (2 x 18) = 36 games.

There will be 8 weeks at 7 games a week pace, fairly simple.

Playoffs will NOT re-seed, be an A & B playoffs, seeding based on win percentage after deductions for unplayed games, calculated by me. 

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