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Hey kgman.. we have understood that you are the champion here..? And we also heard that you have played with the finnish guy nickname swoosh..? Let me tell you, you have being playing against the "finnish trash"

It is obviouysly that these sites are to players from all levels, and thats the way it should be. Anyway, I dont want to arque anymore with most of the players here, because the level of players on these sides are parently wery low. So i thought that if you would play against some of us finnish guys, at least we would get a good game going. What do you think? Is that ok to you?

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buddy how dare u call me out ! iam the king of nhl94 .......from what i undeerstand swos had made private challange to u and ur cronies yet u aviod them ......but he didnt wanna take it public but i have no shame and am callingu out on his behalf put up or shut up .....and then maybe ill have time to play u ......but u know my aim address im often around would like to chk ur skillz out personally so i can make a judgement on how u would fair but so far no one but urseld has vouched 4 u so u got no credability

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Oh yeah! You seem to be quite sure of yourself,. Soon as I get the controllers from my friend, ican play against you.And Sorry,it is a same thing here. I cant give you any respect if you are the champion of this forum. The forum hasen't so long impressed me conserning the levels of players here. I know i can be wrong also. Bytheway, which rules shall we play.?

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