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On 7/5/2022 at 11:42 AM, Brutus said:

Eastern Conference (A)

Pass Shots

Buffalo Sabres - AngryJay
Anaheim Ducks - Terfizzle
Dallas Stars - Corbettkb
LA Kings - Scribe99
Vancouver Canucks - Hokkeefan

5 Holers
New Jersey Devils - DanTML
Philadelphia Flyers - Mr T
Boston Bruins - JV

Edmonton Oilers - Dickon
Washington Capitals - Brutus

Western Conference (B)

Crease Cutters

Chicago Blackhawks - DPS
Winnipeg Jets - Charlesworth
Colorado Avalance - SOH
Calgary Flames - Wittgenstein
Hartford Whalers - Whalers

One Timers
Tampa Bay Lightning - TecmoJon
Quebec Nordiques - Bvish
Detroit Redwings - JCariello

Toronto Maple Leafs - Jer33
Ottawa Senators - OK Boehmer

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Regular Season SCHEDULE:

Play everyone in your division 4 times, 2 at home & 2 on the road.
Play everyone ELSE outside of your division (including A or B ) 2 times, 1 at home & 1 on the road.

Total of 56 games.
7 weeks to the season.

Deadline should be September 4th, unless the league gets to 90% much sooner than expected, in which case we would push end date up.

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There will be 2 playoffs, an A playoffs & B playoffs, according to the conferences above.

2 teams from each division will be the top 1-4 seeds, plus the next 4 best point totals, equaling 8 playoff teams per conference, best of 7 series.

There will be DEDUCTS for games NOT played, if one coach is found to be at fault extensively, the other coaches on his schedule will be awarded points for those games missed accordingly based on win% vs the division those games are missed from.  Hopefully, we won't have any games not played.

I, as commish, will be the only one deciding, giving out deductions/final points.

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