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CDL All-Stars Tournament


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CDL All Stars Tournament

Introducing the CDL All Stars Tournament! The tournament will consist of a playoff bracket, single elimination (A and B currently, I'm thinking about adding C if there is enough interest). Your team's roster of 6F, 4D, 2G can consist of any players that were on your roster from CDL1-5. You get to pick and choose who you want to represent your team at the All Star tournament! This will be a fun little tournament to bridge the gap between CDL5 and 6. 


Rules as of right now (subject to change):

- CDL Playoffs will be used as the ROM (same rules, 5 min periods, penalties on/no offsides (1 min PIM), small Home boost to home team, Warm/Cool for players, boosted goalies) 

- In order to participate, you must have played AT LEAST 1 CDL A or B season. For those of you who have moved up from C to B, you will be eligible to choose players that you had on your C league teams as well.

- 30 team cap (the size of the ROM)

- Whichever team city and nickname you used in your last CDL season you played will be used (if there are duplicates, we will figure it out)

- Series will be best of 5 (currently), up to the semi finals in each league, which will be best of 7

- Obviously, no duplicates on your team (no, you can't have 3 JRs)

- Players (obviously) must play their assigned positions

- As far as placement in A or B, I will use your status for the upcoming CDL 6. I may make exceptions (especially for those returning from a hiatus)


I'll leave registration open until Saturday, August 6th (1 week). Post here if you want to join, or DM me on Discord. If there is enough interest for C, I will do a C team selection draft, allowing the C leaguers to choose from the A and B teams (like usual).


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 F - Yzerman (4) - LW
 F - Gartner (5)   - C
 F - Gretsky (1)   - RW
 F - Modano (2/3)
 F - Robitaille (5)
 F - Drake (3/5)
 D - Chelios (1)    - LD
 D - Bourque (2)  - RD
 D - Stevens (1) 
 D - Coffey (3)     *Change to #74
 G - Belfour (3)    - G
 G - Essensa (4)


My multiple season owned players:
F - Modano (2/3)
F - Drake (3/5)
F - Donato (2/4)
F - Bassen (1/3/4)
F - Petrovicky (1/2)
F - Rob Brown (4/5)
D - Diduck (2/3/5)
D - Kastaonov (3/4)
D - Petit (1/4)

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Gartner Klima Fluery

Messier Jagr Zelepukin

Stevens Chelios Suter S Smith



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Los Angeles Kings



















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I’ll be in 

F - Yzerman (2)

F - Hull (1)

F - Lafontaine (3)

F - Bondra (4)

F - Lemieux (5)

F - Ronning (1) (5)

D - Chelios (3)

D - Coffey (4)

D - Lidstrom (1)

D - Samuelson (5)

G - Ranford (3)

G - Soderstrum (1)

Edited by Mr. T
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  • D. Ciccarelli (1)
  • J. Roenick (2)
  • T. Selanne (4)
  • W. Gretzky (3)
  • B. Bradley (3,5)
  • J. Sakic (5)


  • G. Murphy (5)
  • A. MacInnis (2)
  • P. Svoboda (1, 3)
  • L. Murphy (4)


  • Roy (2,5)
  • C. Joseph (4)
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IN: (subbing for Raph as Anaheim)

6 Forwards -
LW Adam Oates
RW Russ Courtnall
C Eric Lindros

F4 Luc Robitaille
F5 Steve Larmer
F6 Andrei Kovalenko

4 Defenders -
LD - Zarley Zalapski
RD - Ray Bourque

D3 Al Iafrate
D4 Ulf Samuelsson

Goalies -
G1 Patrick Roy

G2 Ed Belfour

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Ottawa Senators:

F- Gartner (4)

F- Sundin (3)

F- Oates (1)

F- Gretzky (2)

F- Mario (3)

F- Drake (4)

D- Ray Ray (1)

D- Murphy (5)

D- Leetch (4)

D- Numminen (2,3)

G- Roy (2)

G- Blue (1, 4)

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St. Louis Blues 

Fs: JR (3), Dino (4), Laffy (2), Emerson (4), Fedorov (5), Damphousse (3)

Ds: Zhitnik (5), Svoboda (2), Stevens (5), ZZ (4)

Gs: Terreri (4), Vernon (3)



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Helsingin Jokerit

F - Jeremy Roenick (5)

F - Tomas Sandstrom (4)

F - Gary Roberts (2,3,4)

F - Steve Larmer (3)

F - Andrei Kovalenko (4)

F - Luc Robitaille (2)

D - Phil Housley (3)

D - Kevin Hatcher (3,5)

D - Eric Weinrich (4)

D - Jyrki Lumme (2)

G - Tom Barrasso (2)

G - Sean Burke (5)

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Long Island Islanders

F - Jeremy Roenick (4)

F - Adam Oates (5)

F - Alexander Mogilny (3)

F - Mike Modano (5)

F - Cam Neely (2)

F - Pat Verbeek (2)

D - Teppo Numminen (2)

D - Jamie Macoun (2)

D - Al Macinnis (4)

D - Eric Desjardins (5)

G - Patrick Roy (2)

G - Grant Fuhr (4)


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Minn. Wild

LW-Davydov    C-Recchi    RW-Fedorov

Other fwds: Reichel, Cullen, Thomas

* Make Thomas come in for any penalty or injury

LD-Ulf   RD-Patrick

LD-Kasparaitis   RD-Ellett

G- Hextall (starter)

G- Chevy

Edited by Uncle Seth
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