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Epic glitch, you gotta see this.


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In all my illustrious NHLPA 93 career it's the first time I've ever seen this.

Though this did happen to HAB and I in a game of NHL 92 (pal version) the other day. Oddly enough it happened the exact same way: Pass from the boards, back in front for a shot to the right post.

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i hate when this happens in EA HOCKEY, especially when simming matches ..... actually i think it's funny as players try to get at the puck, and fail miserably!!!

oh and nice to see an nhlpa93 30-team rom FINALLY coming (although i've just got the playoff version ..... OI GET THE TEAMS IN BLEEDING ORDER WILL YA :( )

and will mack tell us what we can actually edit EVER?????

and hopefully with a new NOSE coming out (will it be longer :lol: ) we'll get actual graphical edits this time!

not been here for a while, as i'm busy with another game (super fire pro wrestling x premier) .....

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I've seen that before too. It's pretty crazy.

My brother scored a goal on me in 94 the other day that I had never seen before. I checked him from behind on a breakaway and play stopped for the penalty shot. During the play stoppage, he picked up the puck and shot it on goal. As always happens on a shot on goal during a stoppage the puck stops mid-air at the goal line and falls to the ice. Except right after that, it goes in and the light comes on, in OT no less. I guess right before it switches to the penalty shot, the 15 second clock first shows up. As soon as it did this the goal counted.

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