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Draft Order

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After an exciting random draw, the order of the first season in the Genesis Draft League has been determined.

This will be a snaking draft meaning the order will be reversed for each round, so if you are last in the first round, you will be first in the second round, etc.

We will be having 12 rounds, picking 6 forwards, 4 defensemen, and 2 goalies.

Draft database is here

We will start making picks right now and then move to a scheduled draft with deadlines on Monday.

1. Calgary - hockeyman1983cgy

2. Hartford - ranatoro

3. Los Angeles - thegr8199kings

4. Chicago - backhandfloater

5. Pittsburgh - Matt Hurray

6. Vancouver - hokkeefan

7. Ottawa - itsmemikehey

8. Anaheim - skoolyardpuck

9. NYRangers - CamKneely

10. St. Louis -Stumpy112

11. Tampa Bay - dhartman1900

12. New Jersey - Scott_Stevens_is_God (AIM: Magus978)

13. Philadelphia - Rob B Fabulous

14. San Jose- angryjay93

15. Toronto - pilon747

16. Detroit - Ericanthony76

17. Winnipeg - rockyrmjc22

18. Edmonton - jj2k

19. Montreal - Buccslaps

20. Quebec - edisaurusrex

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