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Formally known as Pond Hockey simulator' 84 during its early stages of development sense last year, Hockey legends is a indie game that can be played from the comfort of your browser, that throws back to the old school hockey both in 5 on 5 gameplay of nhl 94 or blades of steel and the pond hockey decade of the 80s. and not only you get to play the game against the cpu or another person, but its also a league simulation where you can create your own season with how many teams you want in your league and how many matchups are played between each teams. 

Keep in mind, once you have created your season, the teams, players, and calendar order are randomized when the season you created is generated but your free to edit each teams team colors, names, logos and cities, and players' names and jersey numbers to your own liking. Also like most sports games with sim-based features, you can watch 2 ai controlled teams duke it out on the ice or simulate a game to see the outcome results, the game engines also can compile, update, and keep track of the stats of each game played in the season.

So no need to worry about downloads, sign ins, buying the game, or even buying DLCs or microtransactions, its free to play on the browser on itch.io:

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Wow this is wild! It's awesome you can play a season mode in your browser. It was tough to control but probably takes a little time. Ctrl to pass and Spacebar to shoot. The only goal I scored in the one period I played was a pass from my goalie end to end haha.

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