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SNES All-Time Rosters(ATR) Player Draft League

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With Classic winding down and before SDL I was hoping to try out an SDL(SNES Draft League)-style league but using my All-Time Rosters(ATR) ROM instead. Here is the player draft list for your review prior to the draft. I've also attached my latest ATR 4.3 ROM if you wanted to try the players out.

Some things to note:

  • 12-round non-snake draft with B/A divisional order
  • Each lineup will consist of 6F, 4D, and 2G
  • Each coach will play 2(1 home/1 away) games outside of their division and 4 games(2H/2A) within their division.
  • Single league of coaches split by A/B division where everyone plays each other but playoffs will be split for A/B
  • Post your desired team here or in the Discord channelFirst come, first serve on teams. I'm reserving Boston :). I'm keeping this to the existing teams in the default 94 template(i.e. not updating Quebec to Colorado or anything like that).
  • The team advantages will be the same for all teams just like SDL
  • Penalties on, except offsides
  • Manual goalie
  • No line changes


  • Top 6 teams from each division will make their divisional playoffs. Each round is 7 games.
  • The top 2 teams in each division get a first-round bye.
  • Seeds 3v6 and 4v5 will square off in round one. Each round will re-seed. Lowest ranked winner will play #1 seed in round two. Other winner will play #2 seed. Next two winners playin the Championship.
  • If there is a tie in points, most games played will be the first tiebreaker, then overall goal differential, then overall GAA, then overall Save %

Let me know if I missed anything or if anyone had additional questions.

ANH - Available

BOS - @kidswasted

BUF - Available

CGY - @TheProfessor

CHI - @Skankhunt

DAL - Available

DET - @annatar

EDM - @dcicon5148

FLA - Available

HFD - Available

LA - @McMarkis

MTL - Available

NJ - Available

NYI - @Triple A

NYR - @Mooney

OTT - @Bob Kudelski

PHI - @orangeblack92

PIT - @dangler

QUE - @ComicalFont

SJ - Available

STL - Available

TB - @TecmoJon

TOR - @Gambi

VAN - @koke_45

WSH - Available

WPG - Available



Edited by kidswasted
Added ROM used in the league
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