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Roster Update for 22-23 NHL season (NHL95 for PC)


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I tried to get rosters done in time for the end of the 2022 season but couldn't make it in time.  This always takes longer than I thought, but the rosters and ratings are finally updated.  I believe I have every player who's played every game so far this year for any of the teams from NHL95.

Lineups were selected based on current injury statuses, so some top players with long-term injuries (e.g. Couturier, Ehlers, Backstrom) are scratches.  Can't be sure I have everyone's number right, either, when moving players I sometimes use temporary numbers and I didn't have the patience to comb through every roster to make sure I'd fixed all of them.

Remember, just unzip these *.db files directly into your NHL95 folder, backing the previous ones up somewhere first.



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On 11/8/2022 at 7:49 PM, JPSJeff13 said:

Nice work on the rosters!  Do you happen to have other files to change jerseys or add the new teams (Vegas. Seattle)?



I do not, graphics are not my expertise, but I think the NHL95 forever zip file from way back when has jersey editors in it.  I don't think adding new teams is possible, but I am also far from an expert on modding this game.

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