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CDL6! Signups and Returnees


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A League Champs: 

S1: Uncle Seth 

S2: angryjay93

S3: Uncle Seth

S4: kingraph

S5: angryjay93

B League Champs: 

S1: sonoffett87

S2: hokkeefan2

S3: Tickenest

S4: szpakman

S5: kazelegend

C League Champs: 


S3: TecmoDPS

S4: Charlesworth

S5: Big Valboski


Draft Cameos: 

S2: Jeremy Roenick

S3: Luc Robitaille (no show)

S4: Russ Courtnall

S5: Teemu Selanne


CDL Season 6

I plan on starting this league in a few weeks. I will give a week, starting 11/22/22 for S5 players from A, B, and C Leagues to let me know if they are returning. Once the week is done (or I've heard from everyone), there may be some open spots. Open spots in A will be filled by previous A league caliber players (ones who have played in A and still qualified to stay in A), or I will do a play in of sorts from top B teams to determine replacements (though I doubt we will need this). Open spots in B will more than likely be filled by C league players from S5, with a play in as well.

Note, the only thing holding up the draft will be A and B signups. Once this is figured out, I will announce the start of the draft (along with the draft order). Draft show participants is TBD at this point (hopefully the usual 4). You will get a 1 week heads up on the start date. Currently, I would like to plan the draft show for Mid Dec. or thereabouts.

C and D league signups will be open up to the day of the A/B League Draft, and are open to anyone. The total number of coaches in both leagues combined will be capped at 24.

I also have some plans in store for a CDL tournament to take place in between CDL 5 and 6. Stay tuned!


Relegation and Promotion

The criteria is still the same. Last season we had 12 teams in A, and 12 in B. 2 players from A will be moving down (worst reg season record, not counting the fill-ins), 2 players from B will be moving up to A, and another 2 moving down to C, and 2 players from C will be moving up to B.


As of right now:

Moving up to A - kazelegend  (B Champ) and chaos (.682 win PCT)

Moving down to B - @danTML7  (.182 win PCT) and Mr T with his controller (.136 win PCT)

Moving up to B -  @BigValboski (C Champ) and @annatar (best reg. season record - .773 win PCT)

Moving down to C - @TecmoJon (.295 win PCT) and SOH (.200 win PCT)

Again, this could change, depending on who is returning, signing up, etc. There could be more movement.



C League is more of like a "farm" league, where coaches will choose (via a Team Selection Draft) one of the drafted A/B teams to play a season with, continued with a playoff. The C Champ and the team with the best reg. season record will be promoted to B league the following season, and allowed to partake in the A/B draft.

With the increased difference of skill in C league, there will be a D league this season. This league is geared more towards the guys who are more novices at the game. This will help keep parity in the C and D league. There was a large difference in skill across C last season. 

C and D League is open to any player whose setup has been CONFIRMED to work (they will have a role assigned to them in Discord). Sign-up deadline will be the day of the A/B League Draft, and cannot exceed 24 teams total. I may be open to increasing this later, depending on sign-ups. Please let me know if you want to be in C or D league.

League spots are for CDL5 returnees first, followed by previous CDL participants who qualify for A or B, followed by top players from the league below, followed by new CDL coaches. 


Draft News

Once A/B returnees all report, and I fill out the remaining spots, I will post the draft order. The draft order will use the previous season's record as a base. The A champ will pick last in the list, the B champ will pick 18th, and the 2nd promoted player from B will pick 15th. The 2 teams from A that were relegated will pick 16th and 17th. The rest of the selections will go by winning pct and playoff performance from CDL 4, regardless of A or B league. 

I thought the live draft worked really well. Please give us some feedback. The picks came in pretty quickly, I don't think we really waited on anyone (I think the hosts actually slowed it down a bit so we could give some overview on the pick). If you cant make it or need to step out, leave a pick list or a phone number and I'll text you, if deadline passes, you get best available, depending on position of need.

We can soft start the draft before the show. It would be nice to get 3 rounds of picks in. We can stream rounds 4 and 5 (hopefully), and give some insight into selections already made.

@angryjay93, as A champ, has been assigned to get the Cameo for the draft show.


League Info

The ROM will not change from S5:

- 5 min periods, 10 min OT, 1 min Penalties

- Quicker control and longer range of Goalie

- Goalie stat boosts (+1 to agl, +1 to each Stk/Glv attribute, excluding Roy and Belfour)

- 0 Team Bonuses and PP/PK bonus

- Warm/Cool Bonus (very slight hot/cold, attributes in the Edit Lines screen will be accurate)

- Small Home Team Bonus in the Playoff ROM (+1), to make home ice a little more meaningful.


Let me know if you are returning or not, by posting below, or DM me in Discord. If I don't hear from you, I will assume you are not returning.

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