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Time to start setting your lines.  This basic format works for most, but if you want to set particular replacements, you can if you understand how that works - How It Works

Otherwise, I assume you want a 3rd defensemen to come in for either LD/RD who gets a penalty/gets injured.  The 4th only comes in as necessary.  I also assume your extra attacker will be your 4th F if an injury occurs.  On a penalty, I'll keep your starters on unless otherwise indicated. 

IF YOU KNOW OF A JERSEY NUMBER CONFLICT - you can also indicate it below.  Otherwise I will bump up the lesser known players up/down one.  If you have two starters with the same number, I'll look for a previous NHL number.  


Example Line:

Team Name: Anaheim Ducks

LD: Al Iafrate
RD: Kevin Lowe
LW: Russ Courtnall
C: Pierre Turgeon
RW: Joe Niewendyk
X: Jari Kurri

3rd D: Mikhail Tatarinov

G: Ed Belfour

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Team Name: Quebec Nordiques

LD: Darius Kaspiritis
RD: James Patrick
LW: Pat Lafontaine 
C: Valeri Kamensky
RW: Glen Anderson 
X: Corey Millen

3rd D: Daryl Sydor

G: Ed Belfour

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LW - (10) Esa Tikkanen
C    - (49) Joe Juneau
RW - (68) Jaromir Jagr
LD  - (  7) Chris Chelios
RD  - (  5) Ulf Samuelsson
G    - (30) Bill Ranford
X    - (10) Brian Noonan

3F   - (15) Kevin Todd (replacement for all 3 F spots)
3D   - (42) Richard Smehlik

F    - (19) Bernie Nicholls
D   - (  8) Michel Petit *change to #8 (96-97 Oilers/Flyers)
G    - (29) Jim Waite

Edited by corbettkb
POST TRADE: Noonan to X
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Team Name: Carolina Hurricanes (I would like to switch to Montreal if that's good @chaos they don't appear to be used)

LD: Sergei Bautin
RD: Al Iafrate (switch his number from #34 to #43)
LW: Sergei Makarov
C: Pavel Bure
RW: Brian Bellows
X: Yuri Khmylev

3rd D: Sergei Zubov

G: John Vanbiesbrouck

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Team Name: Halifax Mooseheads

LD: Gary Suter (20)
RD: Glen Wesley (26)
LW: Robert Reichel (switch from 26 to 21 - Maple Leafs/Islanders)
C: Kirk Muller (11)
RW: Vincent Damphousse (25)
X: Ulf Dahlen (22)

3rd D: Alexi Gusarov (6)

G: Tommy Soderstrom (35)

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Team Name: milwaukee admirals

LD:  L. Murphy
RD:  K. Lowe
LW:  D. Gilmour
C:  B. Bradley
RW:  D. Kvartalnov
X:  R. Francis

3rd D:  V. Fetisov

G:  C. Joseph

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I think I have this right, let me know if there are any questions.  

Toronto St. Pats.

Hawerchuk (10) Cicarelli (22) Ysebart (12)

Ysebart (12) Hawerchuk (10) Clark (17)

Hawerchuk (10) Ysebart (12) Otto (29)

X: Clark

Zalapski (3)– MacInnis (2)

Kravchuk (21) – Krupp (4)

W. Young (1)

M. Fitzpatrick (30)

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Team Name: Las Vegas Wranglers

LD: Patrice Brisbois
RD: Bruce Driver
LW: Benoit Hogue
C: Mario Lemieux
RW: Ted Donato
X: Nikolai Borshevsky

3rd D: TomPederson

G: Bob Essensa 

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Team Name: Toronto Maple Leafs

LD: Steve Smith
RD: S. Cote
LW: Nelson Emerson
C: Adam Oates
RW: Cam Neely
X: D. Turcotte

3rd D: Gord Hynes

G: S. Burke

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Team Name: Chicago Blackhawks

LD: Doug Lidster
RD: Calle Johannson
LW: Dimitri Khristich
C: Jeremy Roenick
RW: Steve Larmer
X: Terry Yake
3rd F: Brent Sutter

3rd D: Yves Racine

G: Don Beaupre

Edited by DPS
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