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2022 Bud of the Year


2022 Bud of the Year  

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  1. 1. Who tops your list as NHL'94 Bud of the Year?

    • Tecmo Jon - His help with various leagues including SDL and Classic
    • Tickenest - His wonderful display of graphs and data from various league
    • Indio - Runs multiple leagues, creates many league roms, IDL, Superbowl, etc.
    • Chaos - Provides technical assistance for online play and Runs CDL.
    • Smozoma - Provides technical assistance, helps run live tournaments,
    • Angryjay93 - helps run classic and set up leagues for the nhl94online.com database

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2022 saw return to normalcy. It was nice to have live tournaments again! Lots of leagues popped over the last 12 months and it's great to see the community to continue to thrive!

It's time again to vote for bud of the year.

Vote for the person who has done the most for the community and represents the community in a positive way over the last 12 months. (Yes, I know it's hard to pick one since everyone is awesome.)

The poll has the most common names that have been recommended to me for Bud of the Year. (In no particular order)


Voting closes December 31st!


Previous Winners

2009 - @smozoma (1)

2010 - @smozoma (2)

2011 - @smozoma (3) and @dan_lizhot

2012 - @smozoma (4) and @DaDonch44

2013 - @kingraph

2014 - @chaos (1)

2015 - @McMikey

2016 - @angryjay93

2017 - @slapshot67

2018 - @chaos (2)

2019 - @chaos (3)

2020 - @smozoma (5)

2021 - @UltraMagnus

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My write-in vote is for @kidswasted since he generally is the only person that realizes that my jokes are actually jokes and responds with an appropriate reaction emoji.  Oh, and pretty much single-handedly runs a third of the leagues that I take part in.

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My write in is AdamCatalyst for making the best roster update ROM ever (seriously) and then letting everyone see his notes, TileMolester references, and helping anyone who asked.

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I got a three way tie here between Angry Jay, Chaos and Tickenest in alpabetical order! Who can pick up the common trait? Give em all a vote for me please. Also Tecmo, Indio solid guys for the community! I could only click one though and that one once stated in discord chat somewhere something similar to they'd retire 94 for hax94. Maybe im misquoting that but how can I not vote for that. I'll state obviously 94 is where it's at but there's something about all human controlled players with members from this community that is so addicting!

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