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Hi folks

I've been furiously sampling different roms the last few weeks, mostly 91, 94 and 95. Oddly my favourite so far has been 91 Beer League Hockey for no other reason than it's overpowered stat blocks allowed for shooting regularly from the blue line. In addition I'm a serial hater of one timers in old school NHL. I feel they make scoring too easy and it trivialises the rest of the shots to such a degree that on a breakaway I'm putting on the breaks and looking for an easy pass. I'm also hugely indifferent to manual goalkeeping and like to keep it simple.

I tried 93 a handful of times, but oddly never really gave it the time of day. After about 10 or so games it dawned on me that it's the one. Whilst it does let in slapshots more so than other eras, it does one thing they do not - it grants copious amounts of rebounds. Rebounds keep the game flowing, doesn't punish slappers and after maybe 100 games or so I've scored the most varied goals I think of any edition.

I recently found @slapshot67's 18-19 roster ROM and it just sealed the deal.

Hope to see you guys around and maybe get a netplay game in.


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