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College Hockey Dynasty Simulator (NHL 94 and Excel)


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Hello all,

I have been chipping away at this for a few weeks now and am excited to share. This is a hybrid ROM package/spreadsheet simulator that allows anyone with an emulator, Excel editor, and NOSE to play through their own "dynasty mode" in my College Hockey Gameday ROM series.

There are 32 more teams added in and every roster has been edited to feature fictional players and new ratings in order to make the game more "evergreen" (it would be quite weird to get 10 seasons in and still play against Luke Hughes or Cutter Gauthier!).

In order to get the most out of this project, you will need:

  • a Sega Genesis Emulator (necessary for basic function)
  • an Excel editor and some basic familiarity with the program (necessary for season and recruiting simulator)
  • NOSE (necessary for recruiting simulator and customization)
  • Some patience as I am not a perfect UX designer

There are some bugs that I know about, they are:

  • Broken replay button graphic in Instant Replay mode
  • Some of the old NCAA logos don't show up perfectly and have transparent pixels where they shouldn't on the menu

For more information, please see the .txt files inside the download.

Download me here!

College Hockey Gameday - Dynasty Mode v1.zip



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Posted (edited)

What teams are in the game?

All 62 current NCAA teams, 2 incoming programs, and 32 fictional teams (large national brand schools, successful ACHA programs, or teams in markets that just "make sense"). A full list is available in the download.

Do I need Excel to play this?

This Excel piece of project was made in Excel, and I cannot guarantee it works in other spreadsheet editors. I cannot guarantee formulas function as intended.

Do I need NOSE to play this?

If you want to have year over year progress and recruiting, then yes. If not, then don't worry about it.

Can you help me with _____?

I can answer questions, but can't make anything for anyone right now. If you want custom conferences or something like that, use my example file and edit as necessary.

Are you going to add [school]?

If it's a historic Power 5 football school, Power 6 basketball school, or school in an NHL market, then I probably thought about it but just didn't do it. There's a list of teams for a 7th pod, but it takes a lot of work and 96 is already an insane number.

[Name] is of a famous person/serial killer/TV character/politician/whatever.

The only names I added myself are T. Funke and G. Bluth, which were to fill space because my name generator had an error or a name was a bit excessive. So I sincerely apologize if any names slipped through the cracks.

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I f anyone needs a team in Pod B, try Providence. I'm having success with them. Jamieson is a pretty solid player. Along with Briggs and company, they provide balanced scoring.


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I went 31-0-1 with Pod A Cornell vs. Pod B in a home and away simulated season. Great team. Rankin is on fire!


After playing these ROMs with the cropped nets, its almost unfair playing the original game. Just played it and I dropped one timers like was passing out Halloween candy.

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If you need a team from Pod C try Ohio State. I went 31-1 against Pod D in a Home and Away simulated season. Losing only once on the road at Denver. Fair warning, they are NOT a very good one timer team. So if that's your cup of tea, you might want to avoid them.

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